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Apiary helps communities build better systems for collective decision-making — to make collaboration, invention, and growth possible.

We advise teams on creating scalable solutions for decentralized decision-making. We’re experts focused on community science and systems design.


Through working with Apiary, your team and community will better understand, participate in, and accelerate your collective vision.

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Camille Canon


Kristen Stone


Camille Canon and Kristen Stone are preeminent experts in governance and systems design. Together and through Apiary and its community, they aim to unlock the power of human collaboration and creativity by building systems and technology that enable scaled, decentralized cooperation.

We’re inspired, research-oriented, and we believe in the power of the collective.

Hanna Barakat

Research Analyst

Molly Heaney-Corns

Research Analyst

Alexandra Sarazen


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Governance is complex – we’re here to make it easier and improve the health, efficiency and potential of your community.

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Our investors enable us to tap into the power of the collective and the immense potential of human collaboration and creativity.






How does Apiary think about governance?

We believe governance needs to combine the organic complexity of human behavior with structures (rules and processes) to drive effective decision-making.  Read more about how we define and build a better mental model for governance.

Why does (better) governance matter?

People struggle to make decisions collectively. This stagnates innovation and erodes community cohesion. When governance works, it supports a community’s objectives – resulting in more collaboration, growth, and resiliency.

How does Apiary’s work impact communities? What does success look like?

Apiary advises teams on building effective governance systems. Communities operate more holistically, accomplish their goals faster, and have more joy achieving their collective vision through our work.

How do we do it?

When working with clients and their communities, we focus on three pillars: community science, operationalizing decentralization, and building  effective governance. Read more about these three areas of focus. 


Connect with us @ hello@apiary.xyz – we’d love to hear from you.